My Beliefs

From early childhood when my mother told me, “God has no grandchildren; you have to accept Him for yourself,” I have been on a spiritual journey.

Reading the Bible and praying is a very valuable daily activity for me. Fellowshipping at a good church is important to me, too. All those activities keep me focused on doing things right, and even being a better teacher.

For example, a verse, Proverbs 18:13 has been of immense practical value in teaching. In the King James, the verse says something like: “It is folly and shame to answer it before one hears it.” In another version, the idea is: “It silly and shameful to hand down a verdict before hearing the case.”

Many times I’ve wanted to jump to a conclusion over a student’s rude behavior, but that verse reminds me that I have no idea where the student came from just before entering my classroom. By asking the student later, I have found some were facing horrible influences, and all I needed to do was connect them with the counseling center or insure they had someone to talk to. I’m so glad for the practicality of that verse as well as many others to keep me focused on loving people and trying to find a way to do what’s best for my students.